Need the dark to appreciate the light

Back in 2012, I was getting ready to separate from the Army and I started dating the artist for a comic I was writing and self-publishing online. She and I went to highschool together and grew up in the same neighborhood. We had a ton in common and things were going super well. After I got back home I started college, but I was going to a school six hours away from the school my then-girlfriend was going, and then the problems started. If I didn’t answer my phone when she called or texted right away because I left it in the other room or was working on homework, she immediately assumed I was mad at her or with another girl or something equally threatening to our relationship. It seemed like every three to six weeks we were fighting. Eventually I moved back to the same town as her and things were good until she graduated and I started attending the school she went to. Things started back up again and I did what I thought would help to smooth things out and keep the relationship alive. But after two years together, I just couldn’t take it anymore and we broke up. Instead of taking my usual year break between dating I started within a few weeks. Tomorrow I’ll tell the story of my failed dating escapades and how they led me to the perfect woman for me. Enjoy your night and think of all the good things you have in your life.

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