Approaching the end of the beginning

Around that time, I got lucky with my scheduling and was consistently getting weekends off, so I started spending more time with them all during the day. I finally took the woman who would become my wife on a real date after convincing her we should. At the beginning she would say “we don’t date.” We didn’t do the standard dinner and movie because that’s boring and doesn’t really allow for any sort of real connection or conversation. I took her to Dave and Buster’s, and we had a ticket competition. We took turns picking games that we would each take a turn on, and whoever has the most tickets at the end got the other’s to use for a prize. I don’t think it needs saying, but I won, and I picked a stuffed Rigby from Regular Show who now lives in our youngest’s room. A few weeks after that we were exclusively dating. I started spending a majority of my free time there, and my dog was pretty much living there. So, while most people would think it’s too fast, about a month later I moved in.

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