The first month was a trial run to make sure we didn’t all drive each other crazy and we could handle sharing responsibilities. I kept my apartment and most of my things, especially furniture, stayed there, but unless I needed something specific and unusual I didn’t go back there. It was an interesting transition that was stranger than just moving is because I had two places I could go depending on how I was feeling, and it gave us an easier out in case things didn’t work. While we had some hiccups, things went smoothly enough for me to move out of my place and most of my furniture to storage. Shortly after that was when we did start having problems. I was finally put on a set schedule at work, but it was the graveyard shift Friday through Sunday and Tuesday, that combined with school left me with very little time at home, and since (I really need to come up with a nom de plume for my wife, let’s call her) Hazel worked traditional hours, I rarely got to spend waking time with her, kind of defeating the purpose of moving in. The only plus side was I did get a lot of good bonding time picking up the boys from school and daycare and taking care of them until Hazel got home. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

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