When it rains it pours

For a while we were sustaining things the way they were, but then I completely forgot about a test in one of my classes (for whatever reason, none of the tests for that class took place during the scheduled lecture hours, we had to take a test in a separate building on our own time). This was a pretty big deal because I needed to get an A in all of my classes that semester in order to continue attending that school and transition to a full-time student the next semester. I’ll tell you why that was the case in a later post. I was also very far behind on a paper I needed to write, so I decided to just withdraw from the semester and focus on work, maybe get some overtime, and try to find a new job with day hours. I applied to several, but they either paid less than I was already making or the position was filled between getting a call and my interview. I found one that seemed ideal, flexible hours so I could help with the kids, but during the day so I wouldn’t be killing myself, and enough money to be worth making the switch. I went to the first week of training while still working my security job, and had a week of practice after that. It was an in home sales job, and my practice week went incredibly well, I actually made more money from one sale (a couple of hours) than I did in an entire paycheck working security. I thought I was golden. Thought.

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