Otter pops are delicious

After that we hopped a round between a few different bars until we ended up at one she and her friends were regulars at. We take turns covering rounds and it gets to her turn and she brings us all blue shots, called otter pops, and I don’t know how it happened or if it was all in my head but as soon as it went down I was instantly sober. Maybe it was just all the sugar. Pretty soon one of the groupĀ neededĀ food and we headed out to find some. We ended up at an amazing Mexican food truck where one of her friends took a bunch of pictures, presumably for blackmail purposes, which I still need to get my hands on. From there we called a cab to get everyone home safe and sound.

Crystal Skull doesn’t count

First off I’d like to apologize for not posting yesterday. I had two exams back to back and then trick-or-treating with the family. Now, back to the story.

I was sitting at the bar, drinking my beer and watching all three Indiana Jones movies at the same time and a guy comes up next to me to order and takes a seat while he waits. We strike up a conversation about the franchise, our favorite scenes and lines, how disappointed we were with the crystal skull, etc. It was fun, we were having a good time, and he gets his order and an incredibly attractive woman comes up to him and says something about “real alcohol” to which I reply “how are you going to complain about ‘real alcohol’ while you’re willingly drinking a bud light?” She shoots me a look, we start talking, I kick her butt at Street Fighter, and we take off for the rest of our adventure.


The real story begins

In the last (substantial) post, I had just broken up with my girlfriend and decided to jump right back into the dating game rather than wait and wallow in loneliness. So I did what anyone in their early to mid twenties would do and started hitting the bars, clubs, and other social scenes I could when I didn’t have work or school. I even signed up for tinder to see what that was all about. I had fun, got a few phone numbers and a couple of dates, but nothing really felt right.

About a month after the breakup, there was a concert that I was really excited about and I lucked out and had that night and the following two days off. I went to the concert and had a blast, but totally exhausted myself. The next night I wasn’t feeling like going out at all, but it was the first Friday I’d had off in months and I had no idea when I’d have another, so I forced myself to go and I’m very glad I did. I went to a barcade that I’d been wanting to check out for a while and it was a lot of fun, but there weren’t many people there so I left and came back a couple hours later. They were playing all three Indiana Jones movies as once, and that was very fortunate for me because it led to a life-changing conversation…

No school today

The boys don’t have any school today so I don’t have any time to ride an actual post. I’m heading home to spend some time with everyone before I have to leave for school. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend, and if I find myself with some time I’ll try to post something interesting. But in case that doesn’t happen, I’ll see you on Monday with the next part of my story.

Need the dark to appreciate the light

Back in 2012, I was getting ready to separate from the Army and I started dating the artist for a comic I was writing and self-publishing online. She and I went to highschool together and grew up in the same neighborhood. We had a ton in common and things were going super well. After I got back home I started college, but I was going to a school six hours away from the school my then-girlfriend was going, and then the problems started. If I didn’t answer my phone when she called or texted right away because I left it in the other room or was working on homework, she immediately assumed I was mad at her or with another girl or something equally threatening to our relationship. It seemed like every three to six weeks we were fighting. Eventually I moved back to the same town as her and things were good until she graduated and I started attending the school she went to. Things started back up again and I did what I thought would help to smooth things out and keep the relationship alive. But after two years together, I just couldn’t take it anymore and we broke up. Instead of taking my usual year break between dating I started within a few weeks. Tomorrow I’ll tell the story of my failed dating escapades and how they led me to the perfect woman for me. Enjoy your night and think of all the good things you have in your life.


Today’s going to be a shorter one, I got out of work a little late today so I only have 5 minutes to write.

I married my wife this year in March, so I’ve only officially been a step-dad for eight months now. We may have moved pretty fast, we’ve been together for just over three years, but we all seemed to be a very good fit. When I met my wife our youngest was almost 3, and our oldest was 8. It’s been an interesting journey to this point, which I’ll get to in a couple days. Starting tomorrow I’ll begin the story of what led me to meeting my wife, and some lessons I’ve learned since. Until tomorrow, enjoy your family time.

Ten Minutes at a Time

Welcome to Pre-Fab Family, where I will be sharing my story and experiences as a stepfather, and maybe some unsolicited advice for any new, old, or potential step-parents. As most of us do, I have a very tight schedule, so I’ll be writing most of my posts from my truck as I wait to pick up my kindergartner which gives me about ten minutes a day to write something up. I’m going to start off by bringing you all up to speed with my journey to parenthood, with some fun family ideas and event and product reviews thrown in. See you tomorrow.